Independence is an important part of life and something that most elderly people want to keep. However, for many people, old age comes with health issues that make it difficult to move around the house and to run errands that used be easy. There are many senior living solutions to such situations, many ways to get the help needed, one of the options being the move to an assisted living facility. The decision to make the transition is certainly hard, but sometimes it is in the elderly person’s best interest – here are some aspects to know about when weighing options:

  • What is, in fact, an assisted living facility – these facilities are for elderly people who need some help with daily chores, but who are otherwise quite independent. Assisted living facilities provide a certain amount of daily assistance, such as help organizing medications, but they do not offer full-time care;
  • Safety without compromising independence – the residents of assisted living facilities get the help they need without having to sacrifice their independence. The residents live in apartments that are either semi-private or completely private, apartments that have their own bathrooms and kitchens, allowing people to continue the life their used to live in their own home, but with the help they need, when they need it.