Assisted Living Worker Helping Elderly Lady

Mental health issues are becoming increasingly common with the advancement of age, with minor, occasional issues being experienced by elderly who are otherwise quite healthy, mentally and emotionally stable. While assisted living facilities are usually not suitable for providing the right type of care to people suffer from severe mental issues, such as Alzheimer’s disease or severe depression, but they can provide lots of help for the elderly suffering from minor mental problems – here is how:

  • Individual and group therapy available from qualified professionals – many assisted living facilities work with psychologists and psychiatrists who provide various types of therapy to the residents;
  • Regular meals of the right quality and medication monitoring – in many cases, the mental health issues experienced by the elderly, such as disorientation, wandering, memory loss, agitation or even hallucinations, are caused by imbalances caused by poor nutrition or the failure to take medication correctly. Assisted living facilities ensure that their residents eat their meals, that they consume sufficient liquids and that they take their meds as they should, thus helping prevent or stabilize certain mental issues;
  • Community involvement – Castle Rock assisted living communities are beneficial in many ways: they can ease the loneliness experienced by many elderly living in their own homes and they can open new perspectives that improve the life quality of the residents.