kind nurse helping memory care patient

Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, such as vascular dementia or the mental decline caused by other illnesses are very common among the elderly. The conditions usually develop over a very long time, with the symptoms being very mild and manageable in the beginning, but then invariably worsening, making home care extremely difficult and burdening for the care giver and eventually dangerous for the patient. Recognizing the signs that warrant memory care Castle Rock area support is very important and in the best interest of everyone involved – here are some clues that you should start to look for a suitable home for your loved one:

  • Personality changes – sudden changes in behavior, such as when a person who used to be very neat suddenly neglects their appearance and personal hygiene or a meticulous person suddenly neglecting household or other duties, might indicate that your loved one’s condition has started deteriorating and memory care will be needed soon;
  • Behavior that compromises safety – if your loved one starts getting confused frequently, if wandering has recently become a concern, if your elderly relative is no longer able to take their medication as prescribed, you might need to start looking for a suitable memory care unit;
  • Decline in physical health – if your elderly parent suddenly becomes frail or loses a lot of weight over a very short time, it also means that specialized care is probably the best solution.