assisted living grandma with granddaughter visiting

Assisted living and memory care are two terms that are often used interchangeably and that are very often confused, even though they denote two different types of care facilities. Though many facilities dedicated to senior living, such as some homes in Castle Rock, provide both types of care, the two involve very different types of assistance – here is how to types of care facilities operate:

  • Differences in terms of how independent the residents are – senior assisted living facilities are for residents who are still fairly independent, for people who need some help with daily chores, such as shopping, cooking, bathing and taking medications, but who do not suffer from any severe mental impairment. The residents of memory care facilities, on the other hand, are people suffering from a form of dementia that does not allow them to live alone safely;
  • The type of care – assisted living facilities provide a certain amount of permanent attention, including medical care, but not the type of specialized care provided by memory care facilities. In a memory care unit, the residents are under continuous supervision and the premises are also configured in a way that prevents any dangers arising from behavior specific to dementia sufferers, such as wondering.