senior living solutions granddaughter spending time with grandfather

Assisted living facilities are places dedicated to ensuring that the senior residents and the facility are safe and their quality of life is maintained at a high level. Here are how the different assisted senior living solutions can keep the residents healthy:

  • Healthy meals – one of the most common problems that lead to the deterioration of the health of elderly people is that they no longer pay attention to their nutrition and they either skip meals or have the tendency to overeat. Assisted living facilities provide healthy, nutritious meals and make sure that the residents also eat their meals;
  • Administering medication as prescribed – another common problem that leads to the quick deterioration of health in the elderly is that they either don’t take their medications on time or they might take too much of their medicines. Another important task of the staff at assisted living facilities is to provide assistance with the medications, administering them in the quantities and at the time when they are due;
  • Social interaction – medical experts today agree that social interaction contributes to better health. The residents of assisted living facilities are not isolated, they can choose to spend time in the common rooms whenever they want, but they are not forced to do that either, giving them the freedom to enjoy the company of others whenever they want.