When elderly relatives can no longer take care of themselves and living alone is no longer safe for them, many families try to provide the necessary care on their own. While undertaking the responsibility of caring for an elderly loved one might seem like the best solution, it rarely is – providing round the clock care is exhausting and extremely demanding not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well, for everyone involved. In such situations, family caregivers have another option to consider: moving their loved one to a senior living facility. Here is how Castle Rock senior living facilities are beneficial for residents and for the residents’ families as well:

–         peace of mind that their elderly loved one is safe – Castle rock facilities such as Graceful Senior Living are equipped with special safety and security features, such as access control, special handrails and marked corridors to prevent falls and wandering;

–         help with daily chores – the residents of Castle Rock facilities get help with every task they need, from bathing and eating to taking medication and moving around;

–         medical attention – the residents of these facilities get regular visits from specialized doctors who monitor the health of the residents, adjust the medication taken or recommend further treatment by other specialists.