senior living center elderly ladies enjoying coffee and reading time

If you are currently assessing the facilities that provide services of senior assisted living Castle Rock offers, here are some tips and advice about the aspects and features to consider before making the final choice:

  • the current health condition of the person for whom you need a place in an assisted living home – the physical and mental condition off the person that you need the place for will determine that person’s level of independence as well as the type of the care needed. If your loved one is fairy independent and needs help only occasionally, an assisted living facility will work best, but if your loved one has been diagnosed with some form of advanced dementia, you will need to look for a memory care facility that provides much more intensive attention;
  • the environment – the level of comfort, the cleanliness, the design of the rooms as well as of the common areas are all essential for your loved ones while being in the facility. The best way to ensure the highest level of comfort is by checking the facility yourself – it is a good idea to schedule a visit during mealtime, when you can also check the quality of the food served to the residents;
  • the activities available – ideally, you should choose a home that offers opportunities for socializing and for entertainment, such as theatre evenings, quality time spent together by the community curing holidays and other opportunities to coming together.