Alzheimers care facilities and other types of memory care facilities are special types of assisted living homes that provide specialised care to people suffering from dementia or from other types of mental impairment. These residents need special care not only in terms of help with daily chores such as bathing, getting dressed, eating and taking medications, but also when it comes to dignity and integrity. The residents of memory care facilities are at varying levels of mental impairment, but they are old vulnerable and they all require special attention from the point of view of their emotional wellbeing. Here are some aspects to consider when choosing the facility for your loved one:

  • Having a private bathroom – privacy is an essential part of emotional and physical well-being, therefore having a private bathroom attached to the room is a very important feature to look for, even if your other loved one needs help going to the toilet or bathing each time;
  • Environmental cues to help independent movement – being able to move around the facility without help is another very important thing for the residents of memory care facilities. to make it as easy and as safe for them as possible, good facilities usually mark the corridors the communal areas and the outdoor space with arrows and other signs to help.