Are you a senior citizen looking for something to do in Castle Rock, Colorado? Look no further! In this blog post, we will be discussing the best outdoor activities that seniors can participate in. We will also provide helpful tips on how to stay safe and healthy while you are enjoying your new-found hobbies. If you are curious about what is available for seniors near Castle Rock, then continue reading below!

First thing you can consider is downtown Castle Rock. You can check out The Downtown Association of Castle Rock for more information on the downtown area as well as to find out about upcoming events like concerts or art festivals that are taking place in town.

Second, you should consider getting outdoors! There is a variety of scenery and activities available – from walking to a gentle hike around the many Castle Rock trails and parks, like the downtown Festival Park. There is plenty to do, so pick one or two activities and take the time for yourself!

Third, you should consider visiting some of our local museums if that sounds like something that interests you: The Castle Rock Heritage Museum has a variety of old exhibits on trains in Colorado as well as an exhibit about coal mining; the Castle Rock Museum has a variety of different exhibits that range from the history of agriculture to transportation; and the Colorado’s Premier Railway Heritage Site hosts many different exhibitions on trains.

Fourth, you can visit some of our local restaurants in Castle Rock! We recommend trying one or two places so you can see what is out there for everyone – and if you are a senior citizen, be sure to ask for a discount off your meal!

Fifth, you should visit our local library and take advantage of all the free programs that they offer. There is always something going on at Castle Rock Library!

Sixth, if you want to try some new things with friends or family members then go ahead and try a new cooking class. There are many different types of classes available for everyone, from kids to adults!

Seventh, you can become more active by taking an exercise class at one of our local gyms – just be sure that it is the right type for your age-group so you stay safe while exercising in Castle Rock.

There are an abundance of things to do for seniors in Castle Rock, Colorado! So get out and explore and live your life to the fullest! For more info visit us at