Did You Know Services Alzheimers Care Facilities Address

The facilities that provide assisted living in Castle Rock can be divided into two categories: facilities that provide specialized Alzheimer’s care, also called memory care, and the ones that provide only standard senior living services. Here are some things that you should know about the places that provide memory care and their services:

  • specialized medical attention – the sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease or of any other type of dementia require specialized medical attention and usually round the clock supervision and care. Dementia care is provided by specialized staff trained at Alzheimers care facilities to address the special needs of dementia sufferers, making sure that the residents in their care are in perfect safety;
  • specialized communication – one of the ways that Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia affect the life of the patient is through compromised communication abilities. The staff working in Alzheimer’s care facilities are trained and experienced to handle these special communication tasks and to take care of Alzheimer’s sufferers in a way that makes the patients feel comfortable and safe;
  • special design for the premises – Alzheimer’s sufferers tend to wander and they also have problems navigating even places that they used to know well. Alzheimer’s care facilities have their hallways marked and the spaces designed in a way that ensures the maximum safety of the residents and the premises are also fitted with access control to prevent wandering.